Voting Directions:

You will see that we have an exciting NEW voting platform / user interface and with this come a couple of minor changes.

Please note:

  1. When you are ready to vote in one of the 3 regions, just click on the region below and click "Login to Vote" in the menu. If you plan to vote in more than 1 region, you will need to set up a new ‘login’ in each region. You will then receive an email from our system, and you will need to confirm your email address.
  2. Select your voting region below (note, you can vote in one region, two regions or all three).
  3. Your vote will only count once PER REGION! Even if you go back and un-vote and re-vote, the system will only count your vote one time. You may change your vote, which will negate your original vote, but it will not count toward multiple votes.
  4. Write in votes are now called "Nominations". Your nomination is counted as a vote, and when a nominee reaches 10 votes they are automatically seeded in that category.
  5. Once you have cast all your votes, press the "I'M DONE" button to exit.

You must cast a minimum 10 votes within the region for your votes to count!

Have more questions? Please visit our FAQs.

Thanks for voting for your local favorites!

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